Production of a metalwork - is the main direction of our production activity. The company specializes in the manufacture of flat, spatial and tubular metal structures of any complexity and metal content.


Brief range of products:

Frames of industrial and warehouse buildings (spans up to 48m)

Frames of buildings of sports complexes, skating rinks, swimming pools, arenas (spans up to 48m)

Frames of multi-storey office buildings

Frames of buildings of livestock complexes (spans up to 36m)

Columns of single-storey and multi-storey buildings and crane overpasses (single-and double-branched columns of sheet and profile sections, I-beam columns of variable cross-section)

Trusses, sub-trusses with belts and filling of different sections and designs (spans up to 48m)

Covering beams, ceilings and beams for the installation of equipment of different sections, including alternating (length up to 17m), crane beams

Ties, bracing, struts, girders of various profiles and designs

Trestles, galleries, superstructures, supports, stairs, skewers, platforms, fences


Bins, silos, tanks

Tanks up to 5000 cubic meters

Chemical, oil refining and metallurgical industries constructions


Structural elements of bridges.

Production and engineering tasks are solved by us qualitatively and in the shortest possible time thanks to long-term experience, highly professional design Bureau and Department of the chief technologist, service of the chief welder and quality control, and also highly skilled workers of the main and auxiliary production and the modern processing equipment.


Production area (52295 sq m) and industrial cranes with a lifting capacity of 30 tons allow a test Assembly of the elements of even the most heavy and bulky constructions, which greatly reduces the time and costs associated with installation of structures on the site.


All the metalworks are making in accordance to GOST 23118-99.


The finished goods quality is confirmed by the certificate of conformity of Gosstandart of Russia No. ROSS RU.?L35.N. 00192.


We are equally interested in attracting new customers and maintaining existing business relationships. Our managers will answer any of your questions, we are ready to offer any non-standard solution in the manufacture of metal structures. We are waiting for You!