Bolokhovskiy machine-building plant was established in 1956. This is a highly mechanized enterprise, equipped with modern universal and special equipment and has at its disposal production facilities that allow you to fulfill orders for the production of metal structures of any complexity and volume at a high technical level and in the shortest possible time.  The production area of the plant Department is 57997 sq. m., including the main shops 52295 m, which allows the production of up to 1,200 tons of construction steel and 600 tonnes of welded I-beam per month.


The plant and its main workshops are equipped with electric overhead cranes with a capacity of up to 30 tons.

The engineering and technical staff of the metal structures plant is a team of experienced specialists: designers, technologists and production organizers. 
The QC Department carries out due control over the quality of the produced metal structures and the process of their manufacture.


Control of welding seams by non-destructive methods, production of input control of metal rolling and application of qualitative steels are carried out thanks to existence of own certified factory laboratory.


The plant's design Bureau is a team of professionals who know their business perfectly. The Department is equipped with modern computers and the latest software, which allows to develop detailed metal structure drawings technical documentation, produce drawings of tooling and special tools in a short time and at a high level, as well as quickly solve any engineering issues in the process of execution of the order.


Bolokhovskiy machine-building plant with its highly qualified staff, whose efficient and quick work appreciated large number of customers, thrives thanks to the effective work with the staff and the introduction of advanced technologies.


Designing of metal structures