Panel thickness, mm Panel thickness, mmSandwich panels with mineral wool filler, RUB / m2
Wall 1 200 mm Roofing  1 000 mm
  0,5 x 0,5
0,5 x 0,5
50 1 165
1 220
60 1 190
1 235
80 1 270
1 320
100 1 325
1 385
120 1 390
1 450
150 1 449
1 550
200 1 670
1 737
250 1 880
1 955
Panel thickness, mm Panel thickness, mmSandwich panels with Styrofoam filler, RUB / m2
Wall 1 200 mm Roofing  1 000 mm
  0,5 x 0,5
0,5 x 0,5
50 1 099
1 202
60 1 120
1 217
80 1 181
1 287
100 1 238
1 321
120 1 287
1 399
150 1 371
1 475
200 1 499
1 618
250 1 670
1 755

• All prices are in rubles and include VAT and are intended for RAL colors1014, 1015, 3005, 5005, 6005, 7004, 8017, 9002, 9003.

• It is possible to manufacture panels in any RAL color, polyurethane coating and PVDF.

• Additional elements. We complete orders on sandwich panels with additional (shaped) elements of various configuration at the price from 100 RUB/m. p.



TU 5284-002-93206409-2011

Mineral wool

Mineral wool

Polystyrene foam

Why our sandwich panels are chosen by the customers?   

1. Wide range of profiles  

2. Length from 500mm to 15000mm

3. Z-Lock fixation

4. Zinc coating from 80 g / m2 to 275 g / m2

5. All the RAL colors  

6. All coating types: Polyester, Plastizol, PVF, MPE, Printech

7. Application of protective tape  

What types of sandwich panels do we produce?   

Our Wall and roof panels are made of galvanized steel, also we use a covering polyester (PL) and polyvinylidenfluorid (PVDF) as a protective layer. All our products are certified and have the following specifications and dimensions:




From 50 mm to 250 mm




1000 mm, 1190 mm


Metal thickness

Color scheme


0,5 mm, 0,7 mm  

223 of RAL colors


The advantages of PolusPanel sandwich panels   

    Installation speed

    There is no equivalent alternative to the construction of prefabricated buildings on the basis of a metal frame.

    Long service life

    The durable steel is additionally protected by a zinc layer and a polymer
    coating, which allows you to save the parameters of the materials.


  This greatly simplifies the delivery, unloading and installation of sandwich panels.

    Climate impacts resistance

    Depending on the features of the building being constructed and the regional
    climate specifics, it is possible to choose sandwich panels of a certain thickness.
    The material provides good waterproofing and perfectly saves the heat.


    Thanks to this, the panels can be used as fire partitions.

    Ecological compatibility
    Sandwich panels do not support any ignition, it is non-toxic ( in the process
    of operation it does not emit harmful substances) and fully meet ecological  
    and sanitary standards.

Scope of roofing sandwich panels  

Three-layer metal roof and wall sandwich panel manufactured by "PolusPanel" is a lightweight building envelope, allowing to achieve good thermal characteristics and high speed operation.

Among themselves, the products are fastened with a z-Lock, located in the body of the panel. This contributes to the hermetic docking of individual elements and good waterproofing of the entire building.

As well as the panels intended for walls, roofing panels represent the continuous design executed from two profiled sheets between which the layer of a heat-insulating material is laid.

Our sandwich panels are applied in various spheres and areas, and have the SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Service) certificate allowing its use at construction of buildings for food combines.

You can order prepared sandwich panels and installation in our company.

Our experts are always happy to answer your questions and promptly provide calculations and estimates for the installation of sandwich panels .

Sandwich panels, positive feedbacks only    

Our sandwich panel's high quality is confirmed by certificates and tests carried out by independent laboratories, which can be seen in the relevant section.

We offer you to buy quality sandwich panel for roof "PolusPanel", which, according to the tests, show the high performance of acoustic, thermal and air leakage, this means that if sandwich panels installation will be the right one, it will allow to save energy due to the lack of heat.

Tests conducted on the strength showed that the sandwich panels are resistant to chemical influences (oils, chemicals), and the design is highly durable, while the polymer coating protects against corrosion.

Based on the above, we can absolutely guarantee the high factory quality sandwich panels from the manufacturer to our customers!


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