Welded beams

MashStroy Engineering manufacturing company, LLC together with Bolokhovskiy machine-building plant «Metalist», LLC has mastered the production of a full range of steel beams in welded execution.


Our ten-year experience of practical activity in the field of metal fabrication has shown that one of the most "bottlenecks" in the production of steel structurese of a large (up to 30% of the volume) number of welded I-beams. Analysis of design documentation for the last 2 – 3 years showed that there is a tendency to increase the share of welded I-beams in the volume of metal structures to 50-70%. At the same time, the process of manufacturing I-beams requires a double conversion, namely: the manufacture of welded I-beams, and then the manufacture of metal structures directly on the basis of these I-beams.


The range of produced welded I-beams covers:

assortment of rolling I-beams from 30 to 150 (W, B, S, etc. sizes) according to GOST 26020-83,

assortment of rolling I-beams from 30 to 150 (W, B, S, etc. sizes) according to STO ASCHM 20-93,

Special I-beams on individual sizes with registration on the basis of drawings of the Customer,

Welded beams, welded columns of variable cross-section,

Crane beams

Perforated beams.


Wall and shelves are made of sheet metal nearest the greater thickness with preservation of overall dimensions according to GOST 26020-83 or STO ASCHM 20-93, in the case of stage of fabrication discrepancies in the dimensions wall thickness and shelves made of beams and range of the sheet metal, with the aim of preserving the load-bearing characteristics of welded I-beams in relation to the rolling ones. In order to reduce construction costs and save materials, welded I-beams can be manufactured as length 12.0 m + 0.5%, and any desired length. To ensure more accurate requirements for length, milling of welded I-beams can be performed. Also, welded beams can be manufactured and delivered to the Customer with the design in accordance with the requirements of the drawing. Bearings, kerchiefs, various holes drilled, grooves milled, etc. can be welded to I-beams. With the help of shot blasting, the outer surface of the products can be cleaned from oxides and scale to the degree of 3 according to GOST 9.402-80*, as well as an anticorrosive coating with soil and enamel.

At the request of the Customer beams can be made of various grades of steel, such as S245, S345, St3 SP/PS5, St 09G2S, Steel 10XSND.


For ordinary I-beams used as columns, as well as low-loaded beams and beams with constant loads, belt (t-bar) welds are performed in category 2 in accordance with GOST 23118-99, and SP 53-101-98. Seam type T3 according to GOST 8713-79.


For high-loaded beams, as well as beams with cyclic and variable loads, crane beams, belt (t-bar) welds are performed with chamfering, root stripping of the seam and with a full dip in category 2 in accordance with GOST 23118-99, and SP 53-101-98. Seam type T8 GOST 8713-79.

Butt joints for all types of welded beams are carried out with chamfering and with full provar on category 2 according to GOST 23118-99, and SP 53-101-98. Seam types C12, C15, C21 GOST 8713-79.


High quality welds and precision of the geometric parameters of the beam produced by the plant is provided by 2006 released modern imported high-tech automatic equipment, consisting of a portal machine for cutting sheet metal, assembling machines, gantry welding and straightening machines.


The automatic line provides output of a welded beam within 600 tons a month and gives the chance to deliver production in a short time. Production of beams can be carried out both from own, and from tolling metal rolling.


The finished goods delivery is provided by our own transport. The railway delivery can be made to remote regions. The railway wagons are loaded directly in the shops of the enterprise.


The quality of the finished product is confirmed by the certificate of conformity of Gosstandart of Russia No. ROSS RU.?L35.N00192 issued by a certification body accredited by the Gosstroy of Russia.


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