Polymer coating steel-coil

MashStroyEngineering manufacturing company, LLC provides a polymer coating on a galvanized rolled steel on a modern automated painting line using the Coil Coating technology.

Polymer coating technology consists in chemical preparation of the strip, application of paint on the strip, heat treatment of the strip for polymerization (fixing) of the paint. The aim is to apply the coating evenly in a short process, obtain a uniform surface and the desired coating thickness.

Rolled steel painting is made on the automated line by the roll method. Polyester, PVDF, polyurethane enamels of leading foreign companies are used for painting of rolled products. It is possible to apply a protective type in order to preserve the decorative coating with the help of the method of hot caching.

The raw materials supply is carried out from the largest domestic producers NLMK (Lipetsk), Severstal (Cherepovets), MMK (Magnitogorsk), KZSP (Kashira). The choice of roll directly affects the processing properties and corrosion resistance of polymer-coated products. A thicker layer of zinc coating is the best choice for good corrosion resistance. On the other hand, if the main requirement for the metal is the possibility of deep profiling without the appearance of fragility, it is better to use a thin and elastic zinc coating that is resistant to cracking.

Surface treatment, produced at the beginning of the technological cycle before applying a layer of polymer coating, provides good adhesion between the soil layer and the metal base.

The primer is applied mainly to increase the adhesion of the polymer coating and the base, as well as to improve elasticity and corrosion resistance. The front side polymer coating provides the necessary surface characteristics, such as surface appearance (color, texture, shining, appearance), strength and resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to apply the soil only or the soil with a polymer coating on one or both sides of the sheet.

You can get the galvanized rolled steel with a polymer coating of various color scale according to the RAL in our company's catalog.