The using of profiled flooring

Profiled flooring is a material that does not require special care, it is very durable and economical. It can be used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. In order to increase the strength during the production of profiled flooring steel sheet is subjected to profiling, it means that it is given a wavy shape.

Galvanized steel with or without polymer coating is used for the production of profiled sheet. There are profiled sheets in the shape and height of the corrugation, the width of the finished profile, as well as the conditions of application. Sheets with corrugation height up to 20 mm are used as decorative elements – for arrangement of fences, internal and external walls of buildings. Sheets with a corrugation height of more than 20 mm are used as structural roof elements of industrial and civil constructions.

Profiled flooring was used only in the construction of fences and industrial buildings few years ago, but now a wide range of this building material allows you to use it in private construction.

Trapezoidal gofrey with a height of 8 to 44 mm is usually used for the fence, it all depends on how high the fence needs the customer. Sometimes a fence is made of profiled flooring in combination with brick pillars, which allows you to find an interesting architectural solution and more organically fit the fence into the surrounding landscape. You can perfectly match the combination of shades of the fence, facade and roof of the building, using a wide range of colors of different coatings. In comparison with other materials, the cost of profiled flooring fences is quite acceptable.

Profiled flooring is an excellent alternative gate material too. Profiled flooring gates are usually not very expensive, but will last a very long time, and therefore are very popular among majority of buyers.

Thanks to its strength and durability, the roof of profiled sheets is gaining popularity. The profiled flooring roof is perfect for a warehouse, hangar, garage and any other industrial facility. Installation of such a roof is simple, and due to its properties, it's is the most popular material in the construction of the roof.

Production and sale of profiled flooring is one of the main activities of our company. You can buy a professional flooring with various height of a profile and different types of a covering in our company.

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